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Surplus Assets

At Schneider Industries, we are committed to serving our customers, in every way possible. Our goal is to assist corporations in managing their surplus assets, including equipment and real estate.

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Why Schneider Industries?

Schneider Industries is your global solution. Whether it’s surplus asset tracking, selling second-hand equipment, or factory restoration, we can ensure your needs are met.

Companies come to Schneider Industries again and again to buy and sell inventory, equipment, liquidate real estate properties, and restore factories because we have a proven track record of success.


Customized service plans make Schneider Industries a leader in corporate asset management. From a single piece of equipment to an entire manufacturing facility including Real Estate, Schneider is the solution.

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Looking for specialized machines, plant support equipment or a complete plant? Look to Schneider Industries.

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Turn unproductive assets into cash. Schneider Industries will maximize the value of your assets. Don’t waste any more time or money, give us a call.

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Recent Projects

Seneca Project

Seneca closed it’s 2 million square foot fruit processing and canning facility. The plant was one of the largest single location fruit processing and packaging operations in the world. Schneider Industries sold the real estate, removed all of the equipment and restored the plant for the new owner.

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Fresh Express Project

To improve efficiencies, Fresh Express closed three leased manufacturing facilities, totaling over 300,000 sq. feet, and consolidated operations to a single location in Chicago. Fresh Express contracted with Schneider Restoration on a turnkey basis, to manage all aspects of the project.

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MillerCoors Project

MillerCoors purchased a 40,000 square foot cider processing, packaging and warehouse distribution center. After running the operations in the facility for five years, MillerCoors decided move the operations to their Milwaukee headquarters. Schneider Industries restored and reconstructed the plant back to its original condition per landlord approval.

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“Great company to work with and helped us tremendously, with better than expected results.”
-Emerson Electric

“Creates a win-win situation to all parties involved. I would unequivocally say mission accomplished.”
-Community Bank of Iowa

“Did an excellent job organizing the sale and produced great results.”
-Campbells Soup

“Has completed many projects successfully and continues to fulfill the expectations of our company, providing good, reliable, and qualified services.”
-Grupo Herdez